Iphone Powrtabs

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Each compact cardboard Powrtab, made for charging compatibility with Apple products and Micro-USB devices, will deliver up to 4 hours of on the go battery relief. Simply plug it in, let it power up, and recycle when empty! 


What is the best use for a Powrtab?

Powrtabs is best used on the go or for emergency situations. It's perfect to take to for travel, concerts, hikes, and late nights out.


What is the shelf life on a Powrtab?

If unused, the Powrtab can last up to 5 years.

Can you recycle a Powrtab?

Yes they're 100% recyclable. Li-ion batteries contain less toxic metals than other types of batteries which may contain lead or cadmium and are generally categorized as non-hazardous waste. Li-ion battery elements including iron, copper, nickel and cobalt are considered safe for incinerators and landfills by the federal government.

How much charge will one Powrtab give me?

Each Powrtab has the charging capability to give most phones up to 4 hours of on the go battery life. 

How should I dispose of my empty Powrtabs?

Each Powrtab is contained within a biodegradable compact cardboard casing that can be composted or recycled. We encourage you to recycle the inner contents of each Powrtab, including its battery, at a convenient battery recycling location. 

Are Powrtabs sold in packs of more than one?

Yes, you can purchase Powrtabs in packs of more than one online or at retail locations near you.

What is our recommended use? 

For best results use Low Power/Airplane mode with little to no phone activity while charging.  

Do I need to charge the Powrtab before it’s ready to use?

No, the Powrtab comes pre-charged.

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